The time is coming and is now at hand when ‘We the people of the United States of America’  have the opprotunity to choose for ourselves a new president to lead our nation (to those abroad, excuse our chatter. Or continue reading if you wish:)

This election is probably one of the most important elections in the last century. For some the choice is clear. For others it is a very difficult one.

You may be too young to vote (like me) or you may be over 18. In either case I would encourage you to use your God given talents, however great or small they may be, and do what you can to change this country for the better.

I believe that God gives young people a very special gift called passion. Young people since the begining of time have done some great (and some not so great) things that have changed history.

Join me in prayer for our nation during this time of decision making. I hope and pray that America might be spared God’s further judgement but His will be done.

In Christ,


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