Keys to Success Part 2: Noble Ambitions

I hope I didn’t bore anyone to death with my last post. This one’s shorter 🙂

Chapter 12 of Beautiful Girlhood is about ambition. Ambition is how things get done. Without ambition, ideals stay far off in the future.

“To her who is following after ambition there is no stopping…She wishes to rise high, to accomplish things, to be usefulStagnation and uselessness she abhors.”

I’ve written before about the passion young people have and I think it is similar to ambition. The thing to be wary of is that it’s easy to go wrong. Everyone is selfish by nature so having the wrong kind of ambition is really what comes easiest to us. We need to have the right kind of ambition which is a “necessity to the growth and development of any person”. This ambition makes you want to be the best you can be for the good of others. Hard work and study are necessary for growth.

The wrong kind of ambition, like I said, comes from selfishness. The desire for the most praise from others with the least possible amount of effort. Many young women in today’s culture have this kind of ambition. They strive to be outwardly beautiful, for more people to like them, to have more friends than someone else on Facebook, more followers on Twitter, etc. You get the point.

But as Mabel Hale says “this ambition feeds only on the failure and discomfiture of others.” She goes on to say that “the highest ambition asks that the life of our girl be given for the good of mankind, that she be of all the service possible and in the best possible manner. If this ambition is linked with a life wholly given to God, then all her life will be indeed worth while.”

I know many girls who are wasting their lives with the wrong kind of ambition. But I also know young women who have very productive lives and have been immense blessings to their families and others around them. I would say, those young ladies have the right kind of ambition because they have devoted their lives to doing God’s will.

Here is a great quote from this chapter that really inspired me:

“If ambition should die in youth, or if youth should lack ambition, the wheels of progress would stop, all the wisdom and knowledge of the world would grow dim and pass away, and man would sink to his lowest level. But so long as the eye of youth is fired with those inner flames of ambition and purpose, and there are fields of knowledge and understanding yet to be explored, that long will the world’s work move on unhindered.”

Let’s have the right kind of ambition. The kind that will get us where we need to be. I often feel unqualified to do the great things I want to do but with God’s help and a bit of noble ambition, we can get further than we ever thought possible.

Keep dreaming, keep working and keep putting your plans in God’s hands. He knows best and will guide you in the right way.




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