What Should I Wear???

I have written on the topic of modest clothing before but some girls are wondering, just what is modest?

Can we wear jeans, knee-length skirts, high heels, cowboy boots, etc and still be feminine and modest? This is a really controversial subject and I don’t think I can write this without offending some people. My intent is to answer the questions I have been asked, not to make anyone feel bad.

With that said I begin this article. I believe that jeans come in a variety of forms. You’ve probably seen if not worn tight jeans maybe even with a few rips in them. Based upon the biblical principle of not showing the thigh found in Isaiah 47:2-3, my belief is that those types of jeans are, in the general sense of the word, immodest. Not that they actually “show the thigh” (unless they have rips above the knee) but as tight as those jeans are, they do ‘show the thigh’ by being so tight.

I think that loose fit jeans that aren’t ripped and don’t have designs on the back are fine to wear for certain occasions like hiking in the woods, playing soccer in the park with family and friends, etc. but I would have a problem with wearing them to church. Just as a side note, I like to wear a skirt over pants on some of my excursions because who knows, you might need both of them.

I personally believe that knee-length skirts are fine to wear as long as you’re very careful when you sit down. I would recommend wearing hose or long shorts underneath to stay safe. But in my humble opinion, long skirts are more feminine and modest.

High heels are something I would warn you to stay away from. Although they aren’t necessarily immodest in and of themselves, they can be if they are very high or adorned with flashy designs. They have also been known to cause serious foot injuries not only from falling but just by wearing them (click here for more info).

I’m not sure if cowboy boots are very feminine but I think it’s a matter of personal opinion. The bible says in Deuteronomy 22:5 that women are “…not to wear that which pertains to a man…”. So if you feel that cowboy boots are men’s clothing, it is your duty to stick with your beliefs and not wear them.

Different people draw the line in different places. I don’t think it is biblical to say that you are right and everyone else is wrong on matters like this (Romans 14).  The whole point of dressing modestly is to bring glory to God by not drawing attention to ourselves and not defrauding our brothers in Christ.

I hope that some of this is helpful to you. If you disagree with any of this you may want to read the verses mentioned and make sure your worldview is aligned with the bible. If you find anymore bible verses on this subject, please share them with me.

I’m sure I could go into much more detail about modesty and how we should apply it but I don’t have space for that now. If you have any more questions, please ask!




2 thoughts on “What Should I Wear???

  1. One more thing! 🙂 The Modesty Survey (www.therebelution.com/modestysurvey/browse) has some great insights from guys. It can be legalistic so you don’t have to follow everything. It just gives you an idea of what guys think about clothes. I found it through Do Hard Things, which is one of Moriah’s resources. I really recommend it! 🙂

  2. I think you said it very well. What I would say to the ladies here is, pray about your outfits! It can really help! Pray, read God’s word, and talk to your parents and other wise men and women, then decide what you believe. Consider the occasion and what God says before throwing something on. Also, God gave us a conscience and if your conscience is telling you not to wear something, just don’t. Just remember not to cause guys to stumble, bring God glory, and dress for the occasion. May God bless you ladies as you strive for what He desires! Just the fact that you want to change is a step in the right direction. May God help you in your endeavours to follow His word. Godspeed!

    I liked the photo. 🙂

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