The Ultimate Relationship

For years she had struggled. After several broken relationships and many nights in tears she was about to give up. She had given her life to the Lord two summers ago but she still had this longing, this deep, intense longing for someone. Someone who would fulfill her. Someone who would be there for her emotionally. Someone who would love her unconditionally.

Then one day…she realized that that person doesn’t exist. Sorry, this isn’t a Cinderella story, it’s not a fairy tale. There isn’t a prince to sweep her off her feet. This is the story of an average Christian girl, living an average life, coming to the end of fantasy and falling into reality. 

The truth that she discovered is that there is only One who can truly satisfy. The One who made heavens and earth, who brings rain in the Springtime and crops in the harvest, the One who gave His life for us and brought us out of bondage. He is the One we were made for. Our destiny is to be with Him.

These human relationships that we have now are temporal and can never fill the void in our hearts. Give yourself to Jesus. Let Him be the love of your life. Don’t keep spending your life going in circles, wishing and waiting. Your time is now, your Prince has come. You have a life to live for Him, a world to tell of Him.

When your deepest passion is Christ, your value is because of His grace, your purpose is found in His will, there is meaning in living and reason to love. So let’s get our lives on track and turn our focus back toward Him. 



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