The Flower Fades…



Recently my dad bought a beautiful bouquet of bright red Tulips for my mother.  In less than a week, those blossoms had bloomed fully and then withered. Today those flowers had to be thrown away.

I sometimes think of people that way. We’re here for a short time, our beauty lasts for but a few moments, our bright eyes fade. We don’t live forever.

John Gill’s Exposition of the Bible says this of Isaiah 40:8 “…though all flesh is grass, fading and withering, the word of God is fresh and lively, firm and durable; and so it is as transcribed into the hearts of men, where it becomes the in-grafted word, and issues in everlasting life…”

A few years back I learned that if you have a stalk of withered celery, you can put it in a vase of water and soon it will be firm again. Like water to celery or flowers, God’s word in our hearts not only livens us but it helps us stand strong.

God’s word is living water to our souls. Maybe you’ve never realized the beauty of scripture and the transforming life found in the bible, or maybe you’re just spiritually dehydrated. I’d encourage you to open up the fountain and drink the living water that flows from it.



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