Thoughts on a Rusty Penny

In search of inspiration, I often begin to notice small and seemingly vapid bits of life, misshapen oddities and the like. Today it was that commonplace rusty penny which had an elusive charm to it. Inscribed with the date 1971, this penny was left unwanted on a cold, hard floor.

So I started thinking about life…

We tend to have false illusions of life, what’s important and what has value. Sometimes we ignore certain people because they seem to have no value to us or just don’t fit into our plans. We need to rethink and reexamine ourselves to see if we are slipping into the mindset that “It’s all about me” and other things or people just don’t matter.

If you actually meet the elderly man on the bus or talk to the single mom who delivers your mail, you will discover that before your very eyes is someone that God cares about and loves, and maybe no one else does. God puts people like that in our lives for a reason and God could use you to change that person’s life forever.

I once heard a story about a young man who wrote a note before committing suicide. It said that if someone smiled at him on the way to the bridge, he wouldn’t jump. No one offered a smile for this hurting soul and he became one of many victims of this uncaring and selfish world.

So pick up that rusty penny. Invest in the person that everyone calls worthless. You could be the friend to the lonely, the helping hand to a person in need, and yours could be the smile that saves a life. That’s what Jesus was for us.



4 thoughts on “Thoughts on a Rusty Penny

  1. Darla says:

    Amen sister!

    “… love your neighbor as yourself. ”

    You’ve inspired me to make my little part of the world a better place!

  2. Love this Moriah. Jesus always took the time to stop and take care of people even when it was inconvenient for Him because He understood the worth of one soul. May we all learn from Him and never overlook a person in need. Great post!

    • Thanks Anna! I like what you said. It’s sometimes hard to stop and show love but that’s what Jesus would have done. And how will people know we’re Christians if they never see us living it? Thanks for your comment! God bless!

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