There is a little spot in the woods, not far from my home; a fortress, if you will, where I periodically retreat from my busy life to reflect on my thoughts, my feelings and my God.

Most times, I can notice the places where it’s more overgrown since my last visit. Like my heart, overgrown with troubles and concerns, sometimes heartache.

But I go there, bible clutched in hand, to be refreshed by my Savior, comforted by His promises and calmed in my soul by His presence.

A few months ago, I etched some of these promises into large rocks nearby. “You, oh Lord, are my strength.”, “My God is a refuge for the weak.”, etc. They are reminders, when I need them the most, of God’s faithfulness and unfailing love.

Sometimes we girls long for a man in our lives (Admit it. You know what I’m talking about.) Someone to hold us, make us feel special and just to be there.

I want to tell you right now, no matter how cliche it might sound, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that will make you feel more special and loved than to have God right there with you, speaking to your heart and reminding you of His everlasting, undying love for you.

To have a God who sees and knows all things, look into your heart and see all the hurts and mistakes, and still love you infinitely more than any human could. He sacrificed Himself so that we could have life with Him forever.

But that life doesn’t start when we get to heaven, it starts the moment you entrust yourself to God and say “Lord, take me, fill me and use me.” From then on, you can have that joyful communion with God and experience that surreal peace.

Sometimes we have to step away from burdensome cares and haunting obligations, like Jesus did when He went to the mountains to pray.

A little time alone, a little fresh air, a bible, maybe bring a pen and some paper. Who knows what God might do in your heart if you give Him the chance.

I want to leave you with this verse from Jeremiah 31:25 “For I satisfy the weary ones and refresh everyone who languishes.”



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