A Christmas Poem


Something in Christmas makes my heart sing.

Some little sparkle that lights everything.

It makes the old smile and children beam.

You know its real but it feels like a dream.

I’ll set out to find where it comes from.

So journey along if you want to come.

In houses we see families gathered.

Celebrating the good things that matter.

On the corner there’s folks handing out,

Goodies for kids that are living  without.

In churches with doors all wide open,

The lost are healed from hearts that were broken.

Stores play the songs about our Jesus.

And no one protests because it’s Christmas.

Now let us take a moment and pause,

For I believe we have found out the cause.

The cause for the joy and peace and cheer.

The cause for smiles at the end of the year.

The reason we gladly give and care.

The reason we reach out with love and share.

It’s God in the flesh, in hearts of men.

It’s Christ our Lord who is coming again.

It’s a love from the throne of heaven,

Born to us as a babe in Bethlehem.


Merry Christmas to you all!





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