What happened to 2016??

lightstock_203208_medium_moriah_faithIt’s almost twelve midnight. It’s the night when this year becomes last year and I have to start putting 2017 on my papers. Wearing pajamas and listening to Spotify in my bedroom after a long day of work helps. But I can’t drown out the fireworks going off in the street or the loud banter of neighbors who are obviously a little drunk.

I always loved New Year’s. It was a chance to start over. To open a new page, set some goals, and be a better me. But this year it doesn’t feel like a celebration for me. Perhaps I’ve grown up a little, seen reality and decided I don’t like it. Maybe I’m not ready for the new year because I’m still trying to figure out this last year.

God has brought me through a lot of stuff in 2016. Some of it was really beautiful, some was kind of disappointing, and some things were straight up terrible. But God has stayed the same. I never really knew what that meant before; God staying the same. I always felt like since I was discovering God more, He was becoming something new to me. I realize now that it was only my eyes that changed. I’ve come to see God differently, more completely. And it’s changed my life.

2016 was a year of incredible growth for me, much like 2015. So I wanted to share just a few quick things that I’ve learned through my experiences this year.

– Skipping a season of sports taught me that I didn’t need to live up to other people’s expectations to be successful. Also, that it’s okay to cut off negative relationships.

– Working in customer service in the food industry taught me to be wise with who and what I invest energy and emotion in. Sometimes you have to shut down, stop caring, and fake your way through the rest of the day.

– Taking dual credit college classes taught me how to organize and pace myself with studying, and that higher education is both doable and worth doing.

– Being a team leader  in cross country taught me that love means reaching out to the least noticed and always leading by example.

– Turning 18 taught me that I shouldn’t have taken for granted being young and having my parents responsible for signing important papers, talking to people on the phone, and paying for everything.

So, that’s that. I love you guys and thanks for being part of such an amazing year! May God bless you all beyond what you can imagine or desire!

Happy 2017!!




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