{5 years} and an exciting update!!

For anyone who’s still reading this blog, today marks five years since a 13 year old girl with a crazy dream started putting her words online. As you’ve probably noticed, The Damsel’s Retreat has been napping for a while. So I wanted to give y’all a really quick update on where I’m at and what the next little while may look like.

Back in April, I decided to apply for a missions training program. It is about two years long and starts with eight months of intense bible training and missionary prep. After that, I and a team of my classmates will be sent out to some city around the world for at least 13 months to intern with a full fledged missionary who needs help with their ministry. There are a ton of different ministry opportunities available with this. There are orphanages, homeless ministries, biblically based language programs to teach, deaf ministries, and so many more.. So many people just waiting to be reached with the Gospel. I can not wait to be a part of bringing Jesus’ love to people who’ve never heard of Him.

So all of this means that The Damsel’s Retreat gets to nap for a lot longer and I will be starting a new blog that is devoted to what life looks like in mission training and on the field as well as any little inspirations, funny stories, or happy “God moments” that happen along the way. Got it? So y’all stay tuned and I’ll have that info up here as soon as possible.

God bless y’all and thanks for being a part of what has been an amazing journey for me. I hope that you have been blessed and will continue to be blessed by the posts and archives here or at least that you’ve been able to see a little into my growth and life.

Love y’all a bunch and don’t forget to check back soon. My new blog will be up by August!





4 thoughts on “{5 years} and an exciting update!!

  1. Sarah H says:

    Wow! That sounds so cool! I’ll be praying that it goes well and eagerly waiting to hear more about it 🙂

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