What happened to 2016??

lightstock_203208_medium_moriah_faithIt’s almost twelve midnight. It’s the night when this year becomes last year and I have to start putting 2017 on my papers. Wearing pajamas and listening to Spotify in my bedroom after a long day of work helps. But I can’t drown out the fireworks going off in the street or the loud banter of neighbors who are obviously a little drunk.

I always loved New Year’s. It was a chance to start over. To open a new page, set some goals, and be a better me. But this year it doesn’t feel like a celebration for me. Perhaps I’ve grown up a little, seen reality and decided I don’t like it. Maybe I’m not ready for the new year because I’m still trying to figure out this last year.

God has brought me through a lot of stuff in 2016. Some of it was really beautiful, some was kind of disappointing, and some things were straight up terrible. But God has stayed the same. I never really knew what that meant before; God staying the same. I always felt like since I was discovering God more, He was becoming something new to me. I realize now that it was only my eyes that changed. I’ve come to see God differently, more completely. And it’s changed my life.

2016 was a year of incredible growth for me, much like 2015. So I wanted to share just a few quick things that I’ve learned through my experiences this year.

– Skipping a season of sports taught me that I didn’t need to live up to other people’s expectations to be successful. Also, that it’s okay to cut off negative relationships.

– Working in customer service in the food industry taught me to be wise with who and what I invest energy and emotion in. Sometimes you have to shut down, stop caring, and fake your way through the rest of the day.

– Taking dual credit college classes taught me how to organize and pace myself with studying, and that higher education is both doable and worth doing.

– Being a team leader  in cross country taught me that love means reaching out to the least noticed and always leading by example.

– Turning 18 taught me that I shouldn’t have taken for granted being young and having my parents responsible for signing important papers, talking to people on the phone, and paying for everything.

So, that’s that. I love you guys and thanks for being part of such an amazing year! May God bless you all beyond what you can imagine or desire!

Happy 2017!!




30 Day Cleanse


Okay, you may be thinking “Hold on, I didn’t think this was a health blog” or “It’s not even time for New Years resolutions yet.” But this is something I think you’ll like. And if you don’t like it, at least maybe you’ll be challenged a little bit.

As you may have surmised by now, my life has been one big box of tangled Christmas lights lately. Only this one has deadlines. Big ones. And dreams too. Big dreams. I’ve decided to study nursing in college which starts next year. But if any of you have been through this process before, you know that getting ready for college starts waaay earlier, especially if you’re hoping for a good looking transcript and some nice scholarships. So let me get to the point.

I need time. But not just that. I need to use the time I have as wisely as possible. Carpe diem. So I’m starting a life cleanse. Like I mentioned, it is a bit early for the resolutions so no pressure, but maybe this will give y’all some ideas.

First, I’m quitting my job… today. I’m putting in my two weeks and I’ll be out by January 6th, exactly one year from being hired. A first job can only last so long, and while I enjoyed aspects of it, it’s definitely time to move on. I’m planning to post soon about my work experience so stay tuned for some cool stories.

Second, also starting today, I begin preparing for the SAT. I’m giving myself exactly one month and God willing I can improve my score 140 points from last time and get into my dream college. 1-2 hours a day MINIMUM should give me the preparation I need but will require focus. I’ll also be applying for one scholarship per day because those deadlines are approaching quickly. This all will mean I’ll spend more time on more profitable things and have less time for things that don’t matter.

Next–and I know you’ve been waiting for this–I’m doing a social media fast. This doesn’t include basic/necessary communication but it does cut out the scrolling through other people’s business that takes up my valuable time. God knows we need a break from that kind of information overload every once in a while.

Also, I’m working on my health. Cleaning up your diet around the holidays is not easy but hey, I always like a challenge. This also includes exercising regularly (let me know if you want a copy of my fitness plan 😉). In addition, I’m tweaking my daily routine, using a minimum or no makeup, prioritizing a healthy amount of sleep, and getting the right nutrients in my body.

Lastly, and most importantly, the change that no cleanse is complete without. I want to not only submit every day to God but submit to God every day. I desire that my life choices honor my Creator. The way we spend our time and energy matters to God! Our health matters to God! Our educations and careers matter to God! Our heavenly Father wants the very best for us. He wants us the organize our lives to better serve in His kingdom. Christ deserves our first fruits. He deserves our first thankful breath in the morning, our praise when the day is over, and every ounce of strength we have in between.

So, PLEASE check back here soon for new posts as I will be updating you all on how this cleanse goes and sharing lessons I learn along the way!

Meanwhile, let me challenge you with this…

-Are there any steps you could take to improve your education or career?

-Is there a time consuming part of your daily routine that you could healthily live without?

-Is social media taking up too much time or emotional energy?

-Are there changes you could make to improve your physical health?

-Are you currently giving God an important place in your schedule and heart?

Thank you all for reading this blog and if you haven’t subscribed yet please do so that you don’t miss anything!!

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