{5 years} and an exciting update!!

For anyone who’s still reading this blog, today marks five years since a 13 year old girl with a crazy dream started putting her words online. As you’ve probably noticed, The Damsel’s Retreat has been napping for a while. So I wanted to give y’all a really quick update on where I’m at and what the next little while may look like.

Back in April, I decided to apply for a missions training program. It is about two years long and starts with eight months of intense bible training and missionary prep. After that, I and a team of my classmates will be sent out to some city around the world for at least 13 months to intern with a full fledged missionary who needs help with their ministry. There are a ton of different ministry opportunities available with this. There are orphanages, homeless ministries, biblically based language programs to teach, deaf ministries, and so many more.. So many people just waiting to be reached with the Gospel. I can not wait to be a part of bringing Jesus’ love to people who’ve never heard of Him.

So all of this means that The Damsel’s Retreat gets to nap for a lot longer and I will be starting a new blog that is devoted to what life looks like in mission training and on the field as well as any little inspirations, funny stories, or happy “God moments” that happen along the way. Got it? So y’all stay tuned and I’ll have that info up here as soon as possible.

God bless y’all and thanks for being a part of what has been an amazing journey for me. I hope that you have been blessed and will continue to be blessed by the posts and archives here or at least that you’ve been able to see a little into my growth and life.

Love y’all a bunch and don’t forget to check back soon. My new blog will be up by August!





Hey hey – 4 year blogiversary

It’s been a while.

To any of you who still read this blog, you know I’ve taken a (looong) break.

Unfortunately, I don’t currently have a plan to get back to blogging.

Life has been absolutely insane. I’ve been working a lot and finishing out my junior year.

Basically learning a lot about life.

What have y’all been up to?? I’d love to hear from you!

AND… if/when I get back to blogging (probably on a new site) I will definitely let y’all know. Meanwhile, thanks so much for the love and the encouragement that you have all been over the years.

So, because no one will see this anyways 😉 HAPPY.. BLOG BIRTHDAY TO MYSELF!!

(don’t judge)

Love y’all!!



WHAT!? – 3 yr Blogiversary


Sitting in a Burger King, almost 700 miles from home, I sign in to four different accounts to check for emails and updates. I just came on here and saw the notification that today is my 3 year blog anniversary. Who knew, right? Three years ago I started this blog as a thirteen year old girl, trying to make a difference in the world. So, to celebrate I wanted to just share a couple of lessons and tips I’ve learned from blogging…

Solitude inspires greatness – A huge percentage of the ideas for my posts were brought forth in a realm of complete seclusion. When you get away from the stress and noise of the modern world and find a hiding place in the woods, in a closet or under a table, those brilliant philosophical ideas can come to the surface.

People won’t always like you – “If you live for people’s acceptance; you will die from their rejection” – Lecrae . If you write for the likes, the hits and the comments, trust me, you won’t be fulfilled in your writing. I’ve been there. Refreshing your stats every ten seconds isn’t going to make you more popular.

Take it all in – The more you take in, the more you can let out. Read other blogs. Scour the non-fiction section at the library for books on random topics. Do a bible marathon; sit down in a quiet place and read the word of God until you get hungry or fall asleep. Start conversations with strangers and ask lots of questions. There is so much to learn!

Get it all out – Write. I’ve begun to carry a notebook with me almost everywhere I go. Whenever some interesting, random thought comes to my mind, I try to write it down as soon as possible. Who knows? It could lead to something beautiful and amazing. Don’t discount any thought, feeling or word.

I hope this has been helpful for some of my fellow bloggers out there as well as the rest of my lovely readers!



It’s been a year…

Today I’m celebrating my 1st blogiversary. Yes, it’s been a year since I began this blog and in this time I have learned so much from my personal experience (mistakes), my fellow bloggers and from God’s word. I have to say it’s been quite a journey but well worth the effort and I don’t know if I could have grown so much this year without having this blog to keep up. Today I am interested to know what you, my reader, have gotten from The Damsel’s Retreat, so if you don’t mind, I would love to have your feedback (don’t be shy).

It would be really helpful if you would email me at thedamselsretreat(at)gmail.com with the following information:

  • Rate this blog on a scale of 1-10
  • Share something you’ve learned from this blog
  • Tell which post was your favorite
  • Let me know 1 thing you don’t like about this blog (nicely please)
  • Tell one topic that you would like me to write about
  • Let me know if you’d be interested in writing a guest post.

I’m so grateful to all my wonderful readers for your encouragement this past year and I love getting all your comments! I would appreciate your prayers and continued support.

God bless you all!