Way of loving

lightstock_176485_medium_moriah_faithI’m going to try and keep this super short because I just wanted to share this thought I had tonight. My mom and I were having an awesome conversation about different personalities and how to not just cope with them but to pull out their potential and motivate them toward that. So we got to talking about love and how, you know, you can’t build someone up like that without loving them because that’s what love is; supporting and encouraging growth. And then the question was brought up of how to love and build up someone who’s not very lovable and not very “put together” in our book. I mean, doesn’t that add this whole new dynamic? It’s easy to love a new baby until it spits up on you or you have to give it a change. See, that’s when you have to redefine love. You decide to love that person when they completely mess up, or aren’t “good enough”, or straight up stink. So this conversation kind of came full circle when we were then reminded that God loves us that way. And I don’t want this to sound cliche because it’s this amazing part of the nature of God that just captivates me every time. Think about this: we can only love other people with that unconditional love when we have experienced God’s kind of love. AND, in addition I think that we don’t really understand how beautiful God’s love is until we’ve loved someone who is difficult, and sinful, and breaks our hearts. Because that is exactly how our amazing Father loves us.

If you think that’s something to be excited about, leave a comment about a time when you’ve experienced God’s kind of love.




WHAT!? – 3 yr Blogiversary


Sitting in a Burger King, almost 700 miles from home, I sign in to four different accounts to check for emails and updates. I just came on here and saw the notification that today is my 3 year blog anniversary. Who knew, right? Three years ago I started this blog as a thirteen year old girl, trying to make a difference in the world. So, to celebrate I wanted to just share a couple of lessons and tips I’ve learned from blogging…

Solitude inspires greatness – A huge percentage of the ideas for my posts were brought forth in a realm of complete seclusion. When you get away from the stress and noise of the modern world and find a hiding place in the woods, in a closet or under a table, those brilliant philosophical ideas can come to the surface.

People won’t always like you – “If you live for people’s acceptance; you will die from their rejection” – Lecrae . If you write for the likes, the hits and the comments, trust me, you won’t be fulfilled in your writing. I’ve been there. Refreshing your stats every ten seconds isn’t going to make you more popular.

Take it all in – The more you take in, the more you can let out. Read other blogs. Scour the non-fiction section at the library for books on random topics. Do a bible marathon; sit down in a quiet place and read the word of God until you get hungry or fall asleep. Start conversations with strangers and ask lots of questions. There is so much to learn!

Get it all out – Write. I’ve begun to carry a notebook with me almost everywhere I go. Whenever some interesting, random thought comes to my mind, I try to write it down as soon as possible. Who knows? It could lead to something beautiful and amazing. Don’t discount any thought, feeling or word.

I hope this has been helpful for some of my fellow bloggers out there as well as the rest of my lovely readers!



The Power of Conversation

“She opens her mouth in wisdom, and the law of kindness is on her tongue.” Proverbs 31:26

Have you ever wondered what “the law of kindness” means?

In her talk entitled “Proper Etiquette, Proper Actions”, Mrs. Becky Morecraft says that speaking the law of kindness is about thinking of others instead of yourself.

Instead of thinking “What does he/she think about me?” think “what can I do for them?”  Ask people “How can I help you?”

Engage in meaningful conversation. Chatting away about everything and nothing isn’t going to get you anywhere. And trust me, I’ve seen this firsthand and it’s not very pretty.

After all, what are people going to remember you for, hanging out and talking about this or that movie or what so-and-so said?

No! They will remember those meaningful, heartfelt conversations about serious matters.

And another thing, don’t just talk about yourself. Talk about the other person.

Ask them what they have been learning about in God’s word.

Ask how you can pray for them!

It’s amazing how God works through the words of wise people who speak with the law of kindness on their tongue.

You never know, someone may desperately need your help and you may be able to guide them to Christ.