30 Day Cleanse Recap!!

lightstock_366519_download_medium_moriah_faithAlrighty, folks! It’s time for the big “I’m a better person now and maybe next time we’ll all go vegan” post!!

So, if any of you weren’t aware, on December 23rd I challenged myself to 30 days of cleansing my life. And in case you weren’t fooled before, it was more of a “discovering my weaknesses” challenge.

I had set the ending date on the day of my SAT test (it went well, Praise God!) and included studying for that as an educational challenge in addition to the health, fitness, spiritual growth, social media fast, and general life reassessment *ahem*

My first step, as you may remember, was quitting the job that I had for the last year. Thankfully the transition to being unemployed has been amazing for my emotional well-being. Not so much for my bank account, but anyways. That post is coming later this week. 🙂

The health and fitness part was an interesting challenge because I’m a total foodie AND stress eater. However, my love for running seems to make up for that… for the most part. My siblings and friends dragged me out nearly every day for a 4+ mile run. I was kind of a failure with the muscle fitness routine I had planned (sorry, Hannah😢) but did get in quite a few workouts.

On to the social media fast. My main reason for doing this was to eliminate stress and to get back the time I would spend scrolling through other peoples business. I was about 95% succesful with that. I experienced less stress and spent more time doing things like writing, running, and talking to people in real life. The funny thing is, a LOT of people got engaged, married and had babies in those 30 days! Thanks, Facebook.

Now here’s the Jesus part! And I really hope you’re still reading. God has done some seriously cool things in my life this last month! He moved in hearts during coffee dates where acquaintances became new friends and old friends became closer friends because Jesus was there. He brought me to meeting several new people through unusual circumstances. There was even a total “God moment” where I found myself holding a friend who was bawling on my shoulder for ten minutes. A week later, she and I got to talk about how God was already using some really terrible situations in her life for good! What’s more? Over the last weeks, I’ve sensed God’s presence so much more. I’ve felt His smile in the sunshine and the rain and the sunsets that dip below the treeline. As a penpal of mine wrote me today “the difference is Jesus.” The difference is always Jesus.

So, I just wanted to give y’all a couple of examples of ways that we can tweek our daily routines to live healthier, happier lives and serve our God better! Always remember, the better YOU are doing physically/emotionally/spiritually, the more you can improve your environment and the living quality of those around you!

Is there something small that you want to challenge yourself with in this next month? Leave your thoughts in the comments!!




Way of loving

lightstock_176485_medium_moriah_faithI’m going to try and keep this super short because I just wanted to share this thought I had tonight. My mom and I were having an awesome conversation about different personalities and how to not just cope with them but to pull out their potential and motivate them toward that. So we got to talking about love and how, you know, you can’t build someone up like that without loving them because that’s what love is; supporting and encouraging growth. And then the question was brought up of how to love and build up someone who’s not very lovable and not very “put together” in our book. I mean, doesn’t that add this whole new dynamic? It’s easy to love a new baby until it spits up on you or you have to give it a change. See, that’s when you have to redefine love. You decide to love that person when they completely mess up, or aren’t “good enough”, or straight up stink. So this conversation kind of came full circle when we were then reminded that God loves us that way. And I don’t want this to sound cliche because it’s this amazing part of the nature of God that just captivates me every time. Think about this: we can only love other people with that unconditional love when we have experienced God’s kind of love. AND, in addition I think that we don’t really understand how beautiful God’s love is until we’ve loved someone who is difficult, and sinful, and breaks our hearts. Because that is exactly how our amazing Father loves us.

If you think that’s something to be excited about, leave a comment about a time when you’ve experienced God’s kind of love.



God, I want to be like a bird…


… They do not work to spend or collect, and yet YOU provide for them.

I am worth MUCH more to You.

Worrying will not improve my life in any way.

And WHY am I worried about clothes?

I watch how the lilies grow.

They do not shop or even CARE, yet celebrities on the red carpet don’t look that good.

But God, You clothe the flowers that live for a day or two.

You will EASILY care for me.

I will not worry about what to eat or drink or wear.

People who don’t know You worry about those things.

But YOU know what I need!

So I will desire You FIRST.

I will chase after YOUR will and leave the rest to You.


This is a prayer that I wrote recently and thought I’d share with you. You’ll notice it’s written out of Matthew 6. I love this chapter so much and I’ve been trying to find a way to communicate my prayers lately so I just started paraphrasing scripture. When I said it in my own words back to the Father I felt an amazing connection to Him through His word!

So here’s what I want to challenge you with…

Pick a favorite scripture and using your own words write a prayer like this.

This is so powerful and I promise you will notice a change in your prayer life.

Please share your prayers or thoughts in the comments section. I would LOVE to hear from you all!



The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

grinchIt’s wonderful and fun and smells like peppermint and cinnamon. You can’t help but be in a good mood! After all, it’s Christmas, right!?

This may seem pessimistic, but more than likely, there’s something hiding under that cheery holiday smile. Maybe it’s disappointment or pain. Spending Christmas without a loved one. It could be any number of things.

I want to talk today about one of the “Grinches” that can easily steal away our Christmas spirit and how you can keep him out of your life.


Let’s be real. I have these crazy expectations around Christmas. It’s not about other people or gifts or even the weather (well, that’s not exactly true). But I have expectations for myself.

I’m going to spread joy and make people’s day. I’ll be on top of things. I’ll make it perfect.

Maybe you get that way too. And then there’s that sick feeling in your stomach when you miserably fail at perfection. I get it. And I hate it.

All those months of letting God speak to me and change me into someone who’s content and confident in Him. And then a few days into the season, BAM. I found myself crying in the car on the way home from a Christmas Eve service.


Because I’d failed myself. I had these stupid expectations that I could be someone who was good at everything. I could be the girl who seems invincible, who’s always smiling and who people love to be around.

Let me tell you a secret; I can’t be that person all the time. It’s exhausting.

But the fact that things don’t feel right, and there may be legitimate pain under the surface, doesn’t stop the power of God.

I love how the apostle Paul writes; “But He said to me  ‘My grace is sufficient for you. My power is made perfect in weakness.’ Therefore, I will boast all the more gladly in my weakness, that the power of God may rest upon me.”

You see? When we have these expectations, we fail, they fail, the world fails. But aren’t we all a bunch of failures anyway? Without the grace of God, we’re out on the first strike.

But because of His grace, it doesn’t matter whether you have a Pinterest perfect Christmas, or you can’t get the tree to stand up right.

Because of His grace, we can show grace to others knowing that we’re all imperfect.

Because of His grace… Jesus.

Jesus. Everything about Christmas is about Him. Our lives; are they not about Him too? Our fears and failures; are they not accepted and forgiven by Him? Our hurt and heartache; can it not be healed by Him?

Jesus. Not only is He the “reason for the season”. He’s the key to our lock. He’s the answer to our questions. He’s the baby to our manger. He’s the star to our night. He’s the Christ to our Christmas.

I want to wish a very Merry Christmas to all my wonderful readers!

May the Lord bless you and your families this holiday season!

Love and blessings,


Have you had a “Grinch” come to steal your Christmas before? What expectations can you give up this year because of grace?

Leave a comment below with your thoughts!


Starting this week, I will begin posting a challenge of the week. This is mostly so I don’t forget about this blog entirely (I apologize for the fact that I have a life outside of the internet world, haha). But it’s also for you and me, as a challenge to get one step closer to God.

So here’s this week’s challenge…

Make God first.

This doesn’t mean you’re never going to go a minute without thinking of Jesus, or an hour without praying, or a day without sharing the Gospel with someone. It means you make little changes. And here are a few ideas…

Declare Jesus as Lord – Wake up in the morning and say it out loud. “Jesus is the Lord of my life, this home, my family.” Think of how it strengthens a relationship when you say “You are my friend/husband/daughter” etc. And bonus points for offending Satan, btw.

A moment to meditate – Take a minute before or after your day to just sit down, take a deep breath and think about what God has done for you. Send up a prayer of thanks.

Say something – It’s easy to be a quiet Christian. But this week, make an effort to speak up about your God. It could be anything from a simple “Praise God!” at work to telling someone that you’re praying for them.

Pick one or two simple things to hold yourself to this week. Comment below which one you want to do. Write it on your chalkboard or in your journal, and then watch what happens. And remember, this isn’t a “good deed” to earn God’s grace. It’s a humble response to His love and goodness to us. I hope you have an awesome week, so I’m going to leave you with this song by Lauren Daigle called “First”! Enjoy!



WHAT!? – 3 yr Blogiversary


Sitting in a Burger King, almost 700 miles from home, I sign in to four different accounts to check for emails and updates. I just came on here and saw the notification that today is my 3 year blog anniversary. Who knew, right? Three years ago I started this blog as a thirteen year old girl, trying to make a difference in the world. So, to celebrate I wanted to just share a couple of lessons and tips I’ve learned from blogging…

Solitude inspires greatness – A huge percentage of the ideas for my posts were brought forth in a realm of complete seclusion. When you get away from the stress and noise of the modern world and find a hiding place in the woods, in a closet or under a table, those brilliant philosophical ideas can come to the surface.

People won’t always like you – “If you live for people’s acceptance; you will die from their rejection” – Lecrae . If you write for the likes, the hits and the comments, trust me, you won’t be fulfilled in your writing. I’ve been there. Refreshing your stats every ten seconds isn’t going to make you more popular.

Take it all in – The more you take in, the more you can let out. Read other blogs. Scour the non-fiction section at the library for books on random topics. Do a bible marathon; sit down in a quiet place and read the word of God until you get hungry or fall asleep. Start conversations with strangers and ask lots of questions. There is so much to learn!

Get it all out – Write. I’ve begun to carry a notebook with me almost everywhere I go. Whenever some interesting, random thought comes to my mind, I try to write it down as soon as possible. Who knows? It could lead to something beautiful and amazing. Don’t discount any thought, feeling or word.

I hope this has been helpful for some of my fellow bloggers out there as well as the rest of my lovely readers!



Something from the Psalms

The Psalms that David wrote when he was running from Saul are often full of heartfelt complaints and fear. But what I’ve also seen is a great faith that reaches beyond David’s circumstances to the very person and character of God. There is a dependence on the faithfulness and mercy of God and a surreal awareness of His power and control in our lives. This is seen in Psalm 56:3-4 when David says “When I am afraid I put my trust in you, In God whose word I praise – In God I trust and am not afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?” This is the kind of faith that brought many of our bible heroes like Abraham, Moses, Daniel and Paul through seemingly impossible situations. It is this faith that will bring us through our trials into a closer relationship with the One who says in Isaiah 49 “I have written you on the palms of my hands.” He will never leave us or forsake us but will use us as vessels for His purpose if we put our entire trust in His capable hands.