30 Day Cleanse Recap!!

lightstock_366519_download_medium_moriah_faithAlrighty, folks! It’s time for the big “I’m a better person now and maybe next time we’ll all go vegan” post!!

So, if any of you weren’t aware, on December 23rd I challenged myself to 30 days of cleansing my life. And in case you weren’t fooled before, it was more of a “discovering my weaknesses” challenge.

I had set the ending date on the day of my SAT test (it went well, Praise God!) and included studying for that as an educational challenge in addition to the health, fitness, spiritual growth, social media fast, and general life reassessment *ahem*

My first step, as you may remember, was quitting the job that I had for the last year. Thankfully the transition to being unemployed has been amazing for my emotional well-being. Not so much for my bank account, but anyways. That post is coming later this week. 🙂

The health and fitness part was an interesting challenge because I’m a total foodie AND stress eater. However, my love for running seems to make up for that… for the most part. My siblings and friends dragged me out nearly every day for a 4+ mile run. I was kind of a failure with the muscle fitness routine I had planned (sorry, Hannah😢) but did get in quite a few workouts.

On to the social media fast. My main reason for doing this was to eliminate stress and to get back the time I would spend scrolling through other peoples business. I was about 95% succesful with that. I experienced less stress and spent more time doing things like writing, running, and talking to people in real life. The funny thing is, a LOT of people got engaged, married and had babies in those 30 days! Thanks, Facebook.

Now here’s the Jesus part! And I really hope you’re still reading. God has done some seriously cool things in my life this last month! He moved in hearts during coffee dates where acquaintances became new friends and old friends became closer friends because Jesus was there. He brought me to meeting several new people through unusual circumstances. There was even a total “God moment” where I found myself holding a friend who was bawling on my shoulder for ten minutes. A week later, she and I got to talk about how God was already using some really terrible situations in her life for good! What’s more? Over the last weeks, I’ve sensed God’s presence so much more. I’ve felt His smile in the sunshine and the rain and the sunsets that dip below the treeline. As a penpal of mine wrote me today “the difference is Jesus.” The difference is always Jesus.

So, I just wanted to give y’all a couple of examples of ways that we can tweek our daily routines to live healthier, happier lives and serve our God better! Always remember, the better YOU are doing physically/emotionally/spiritually, the more you can improve your environment and the living quality of those around you!

Is there something small that you want to challenge yourself with in this next month? Leave your thoughts in the comments!!




10 Facts You’d Never Know About Me

I’ve decided that instead of lecturing you guys all the time, I’m going to throw in a couple short/fun/personal posts every once in a while so y’all don’t get tired of me and unsubscribe 😉

Do you ever feel like you’re the only one who ever… anything? Okay, ’cause I do all the time. Probably because I don’t socialize much.. but that’s another story. So here I’ve listed 10 random facts about me…

1. Everything in my inbox is marked as read. ALWAYS. I can’t live with a messy inbox.

2. I don’t usually get tired of a song until after I’ve completely memorized it.

3. I love typing almost as much as I love writing itself. Is that okay?

4. When I’m in social settings I spend most of my time studying people’s personalities… which makes me seem really shy.

5. I live in my mind and have probably had more imaginary conversations than real life ones.

6. My day is never complete without a workout.

7. Being the center of attention is super stressful for me. I can’t stand it.

8. It’s hard for me to sit down long enough to watch a whole movie. I don’t know how other people do it.

9. I carry a weapon everywhere I go and I apologize if that freaks you out.

10. I’m way more comfortable writing than talking.

So that’s it! Hey, if we have anything in common, comment down below and we’ll share the awesomeness!! Oh, and if you haven’t subscribed yet, please do. You have no idea what you’re missing out on!

Have an fantastic day!



Don’t Question The Potter

“Woe to the one who quarrels with his Maker – an earthenware vessel among the vessels of the earth! Will the clay say to the potter, ‘What are you doing?’ or the thing you are making say, ‘He has no hands’?”  Isaiah 45:9

When life throws you lemons…
Do you get frustrated? Do you question God, “Why would You let this happen to me?”
Here’s my question; do you really have to know why?

Imagine a potter creating something unique and special with his clay. Suddenly, the clay jumps away from him and says “What are you doing with me? I don’t want you messing up my life. I want to be in control.”

A few verses down from the aforementioned scripture, God says “It is I who made the earth, and created man upon it. I stretched out the heavens with My hands and I ordained their host.”

Don’t you think the Creator of the universe, the One tells the sun when to rise, knows what He’s doing?

I know it’s hard to submit our will to His, to “let go and let God”. But in reality, that’s what life as a child of God is all about.

Looking to God and giving up our problems, our struggles and our will. Giving up all the pressure, the stress, the worries, the situations we can’t control. Just give them up.

The King of Kings says that He is our shield, our rock, our stronghold. He is everything we need if we just let him take this stress and pain.

That means waking up and letting go, because when we were in need, He provided for us. When the waves were crashing down, He cleared the storm. When we were tired He carried us through.

God gave up everything for us when He sent his only son, a part of Himself, down to this dirty earth to be killed by wicked men and to exchange our putrid sin for His righteousness.

Now all He asks is for us to leave everything that holds us back. Just follow Him and be moldable clay that He can use for His purpose.

So when life gets tough, don’t question the Potter. He knows what He’s doing.